Linking gear

José Bernad Torá // Julia Cervantes Corazzina // Concurso Internacional Future//'LINKS: BRIDGING RIVERS'  

At a CRISIS situation, with a great number of unemployed young people, it's necessary to create new ways to build a sustainable future. We need places where we can think it and create it in this way. There, Innovation will be the main character. It will be wrong if we project without thinking about the changing situation that determines the contemporary time. INNOVATION isn't a luxury; we need it. So, the proposal is an Hybrid Platform of Linking, Exchange, Leisure Time and Innovation.

Moreover, we can't overlook that Seville is a town loaded with cultural icons and that it condenses a great part of the Imaginary in our country. Linking innovation and affections will determine the proposal strategy:
A rebuilding of three main elements of the city culture, which are also the main social condenser of the urban scene. These three elements will transform into INNOVATION CITY DEVICES.

*1st Rebuilding: Bullring into a Hybrid Technology Platform of Exchange, Leisure Time and Innovation.
Idiosyncrasy: (1) The Bullring has been one of the main social historical condenser buildings in our country: it has been a party, social meeting, business and exchange place. (2) Nowadays, there are more and more
obsolete bullrings. Transformation: Reusing the “bullring typology”, it's possible to create a new “energy technology platform typology”.

* 2nd Rebuilding: The Tobacco Factory into a University Innovation Platform. Idiosyncrasy: The Tobacco Factory was an innovation place because it has generated a new social role to women in the town.
Transformation: That is how university students can change their social role too: they can innovate and create new productive and business dynamics at the proposed space.

*3rd Rebuilding: The Rocio Pilgrimage Covered Wagon into A techno-Wagon or an Innovation Portable Artefact. Idiosyncrasy: Movement makes the pilgrimage a social exchange condenser. Transformation: The use of movement as an innovation tool. Techno-wagons will be energy vehicles that allow the innovation moving around the town.